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Blood N Bones Classic

Blood N Bones is a pack designed to make you rethink the way you play Minecraft. Including some of the most challenging mods available, and a highly customized experience, this pack will entertain you death after death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your mods in a modpack?


You may not redistribute any mods from Blood N Bones Gaming on any site in any form except as part of a compilation (modpack) distributed through CurseVoice or another accredited launcher such as FTB or ATLauncher. If redistributing as a compilation on a launcher other than CurseVoice, the description of the compilation should clearly display the names of the mods in use, credit Blood N Bones Gaming as their author, include a link to http://www.curse.com/users/BloodNBonesGaming/projects, and not violate any other author's licenses.


Blood N Bones Gaming reserves the right to change or revoke redistribution privileges without notice. BlockPhysics is a GPLv3 project and you may redistribute it freely within the scope of its license.


I messaged you about…


The BloodNBonesGaming account on Curse is used only for showing ownership of our projects to the team. Chances of getting messaged back from that account is pretty slim.


I have a (bug)(idea)(etc) for your mod (x).


Please use the issue tracker listed on the Curse page for each individual mod.


The mod crashes whenever I load Minecraft.


All of our mods require BnBGamingLib to be installed with them. This is a common code library we use on all of our projects. Get it at http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/229587-bnbgaminglib


Are you looking for new team members?


Of course! We will be looking for builders, coders, wiki writers, and pack creators fairly soon. Feel free to message Eyamaz with examples of your work and we will look at it.


Do you have an Assets Package for Let’s Plays or streamers?


Not yet, but it is planned. At this time, streamers and youtubers may reuse art assets only for the express purposes of being utilized within a video or stream that features the use of one of any of the works by Blood N Bones Gaming. Use of any artwork beyond this limitation is restricted without prior approval of either Eyamaz or BigBadChris and will be determined on an individual basis.


Blood N Bones Gaming reserves the right to change or revoke the privilege of utilizing any artwork or other assets at any time without notice.


Is there a way to help support Blood N Bones Gaming?


There are several ways you can help out the team!


  1. Word of mouth is one of the best advertisers. If you like our work, tell people about it!
  2. Using our projects in a modpack on CurseVoice is a great way to help support the team. Every download gets a little bit of RP spread among the team helping them out financially!
  3. We have shirts and artwork available at https://society6.com/eyamaz that help us both financially and letting people know about us. Wear them at all the ‘cons and events!
  4. Want to make a donation? Head on over to https://patreon.com/eyamaz where you can gain access to the private server and test early project builds!


Money earned through society6 and patreon are being used to fund future projects and do not directly support the team financially.