Ever leave the Nether and strangely been attacked by nothing? This mod aims to fix a niche case bug that causes Zombie Pigmen to be able to attack you in the overworld from the Nether if they are agroed while the player transitions. Simply drop the mod into your mods folder and you should have no more unseen killers annoying you.


  • Cancels entity updates when exceeding a specified tick time. Update priority is based on entity distance to a player, and bosses or entities attacking a player are always allowed to update. Only works on entities in the overworld.
  • Makes all types of zombies stop attacking when their target is in a different dimension.
  • Makes all types of zombies pause for a short time when they are unable to find a path to their target, before they try to find a new path. In vanilla there is only a 3 tick pause. With this the pause is between 1.5 and 4.5 seconds. Reduces lag caused by this AI significantly.