Bleach Evolved

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Bleach Evolved is a bleach modpack centered around KD's Bleach mod with some additions to enhance the experience.



To start you'll need to first craft yourself a Shinai, no matter what faction you wanna go, you'll need it. Shinai boosts your SP gain. Press "B" to see your stats and get a guidebook to help you further. You'll need 30 Base SP to start seeing Hollows. Eat various foods to increase your base HP. Get even stronger with Ender Skills' Altar!



You have 4 main factions to choose from: Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy and Fullbringer.

Shinigami can obtain Shikai and Bankai or even use Hollow powers to their advantage and become Vizard. Hollows can evolve more and more till they become Arrancars; the strongest Hollow form able to shoot powerful Ceros. Quincy are humans dedicated to fighting Hollows, you can unlock powerful bows and even Letzt Stil. Fullbringers can buff themselves to become even stronger (they're very WIP in the mod).

To choose your Faction you need to:

= Whole > BaseSP>100 + Die or BaseSP>30 + Wear Chain + Die or BaseSP>50 + Wear Chain + Right click Reiatsu block.

= Shinigami > Be Whole, Wear Academy clothes, Weapon>8, Right click Reiatsu with Shinai.

= Hollow > Be Whole, Soul Chain timer reaches zero, reduces: on death, hit by hollow and every second.

= Vizard > Be Shini, HollowSP>20, eat Mask Shard.

= Fullbring > Be Human, HollowSP>50, BaseSP>80, eat Mask Shard.

= Quincy > Be Human, HollowSP=0, QuincyPendant Right Click Reiatsu block.

= Menos > Be Hollow, Full mutations, HollowKills>100.

= Adjuchas > Be Menos, MenosKills>100, HollowSP>150.

= Arrancar > Be Adjuchas, Weapon>20, ShiniSP>75, Zanpakuto Right click Reiatsu block surrounded by Quartz Lamps.



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For some screenshots look in Images page! :)

(All screenshots were taken with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders v1.32 Extreme)



CNPC Scripts: Hankcolewu

Music: Giaprey, Hurakion, Lucas Fader, Eternal Raijin