Bleach_KD - A Bleach mod



An anime and manga mod inspired by and takes aspects from the Bleach franchise created by Tite Kubo.
This mod is an updated version of the 1.7.2 Minecraft version released by LittleBreadLoaf and his team.

There are several stable releases on 1.7.10 and 1.12.2.

1.12.2 is the main Minecraft version being worked on, 1.7.10 is no longer maintained.

There are plans to port up to 1.16.5 and beyond. No timeline has been created for this though. A basic roadmap exists in my discord but is outdated.

The mod has changed a fair amount since taking over from LittleBreadLoaf however there are some features retained to keep the spirit of the mod the same.

Here is a brief overview of some aspects of the mod.

 - Complete pathing system from base human to Shinigami, Quincy and Hollow as well as mixtures of powers.

 - Updated Shikai with new powers and more variety planned.

 - Quincy overhaul giving diverse and different gameplay.

 - Stat based system allowing for RPG mechanics that gradually improve from play.

 - Several new armours, blocks, items and mobs adding a bunch of new content including many cosmetic options.

 - Hueco Mundo dimension with unique spawns and more to come.


Upcoming !!

 - Pathing overhaul, changing how progression works.

 - Shikai / Bankai overhaul, additional elements, more varied designs and upgraded abilities.

 - Faction system, recruiting and training NPCs for your own team.

 - Training and mastery system, improving gameplay.


This mod is to bring the spirit of Bleach to Minecraft and not a 1 to 1 duplication of the anime.

There will be references however a specific characters abilities are not guaranteed.


- Press B to open Bleach Stats & access a guide.

- Read the ingame guides for info on the mod.

- Bankai / Ress are just power boosts, some basic visuals exist.

- Evolution to Arrancar as Hollow with basic powers.
- Mod is still heavy WIP regardless of what happens.


Disclaimer : I do not own Bleach, I have only updated a mod that is made around that franchise.

For your information :
- Continued from LBL with permission and source code from him directly.
- Many features being worked on and planned out.
- Bleach Discord server link : https://discord.gg/zVZ2SND
- Some things are the same from LBL's release but many changes exist.