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Hey newcomer ! Interested in playing a big modpack with all kinds of mods in it ?

With more than 300 mods included in this modpack, no matter if you prefer

Adventure, Building, Black Magic, Grindy Tech or making omelettes with dragon eggs !

Because everything you can expect is available here !

And if you're lost in this wide world that is Benchmark II, you have a quest book that explains every mod, with more than 1200 quests included !

Also remember one thing, immersion is key here !





  • RAM : Minimum 4GB, Recommended 5-6GB
  • Optifine is not supportedhowever there's a lot of included performance mods, and Iris Shaders
  • Just put the shaders you need in the shaderpacks folder and that's all !




Check the Dependencies on this page !


Datapacks/Resourcepacks included :