Biomes and Dungeons (BAD)

5,183 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 29, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

A very very very BAD modpack.
Contains over 200+ mods featuring Biomes, Dungeons, Quests, Bounties, Over 100+ Origins (races), Classes, Mounts, Armors, Blocks, Maps, Shaders, Recipes, Full Controller Support and other QoL stuff.
It's just really BAD - don't check it out...





A RPG focused modpack featuring Quests, Biomes, Dungeons, Origins and Exploration. Press (i) to open up the quest log and hover over the left panel to view different quest categories. Explore the vast biomes in your worlds. Attempt bounties and craft various furniture and items in game. Equip different types of weapons and armor and defeat the bosses.

To set up your cape go here -

Shaders are enabled by default. Disable them if you are getting low FPS

Recommended RAM is 4GB but 6GB will be even better for this pack. The first time you load a world may take a while as it has to load all them biomes for you :)