ArdentCraft: The Beginning

103,440 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2




This modpack is no longer being worked on, new packs however are on the horizon" after 8 months of work the pack lives its life and due to the update of the pack not being possible to work in SinglePlayer due to the mods not been updated anymore it makes the pack unable to move forward.


Welcome to ArdentCraft: The Beginning! ArdentCraft is no sail in the wind, the world has been taken over by corrupt zombies that are hungry for flesh more than ever! You will be challenged against the most brutal of bosses and the almost insane recipes!

About the pack:
"The most anticipated hardcore modpack to hit 1.10.2"
This pack's power lays in the humongous quest line with over 700+ quests in combination with insane mobs and difficult recipes! At this moment we only have one mode to play on, normal mode. But there is good news! As I'm writing this piece of text, the team is working on "Expert Mode", which means more quests, even harder recipes and last but not least, more insane mobs!

About the quests:
The quests in this pack are meant for you to follow and get situated in the pack, since most recipes and production-chains have been altered. The other questlines are mostly based around one or two mods per questline. Which gives you the opportunity to learn most of the mods in the pack! If you have already played the pack, you might have noticed you get some music discs as rewards for the somewhat more important quests, like getting to the nether, beating bosses and so on. On those music discs are some fun voiceovers from a couple of well-known streamers. So that's why we want to give a huge thanks to OG_Arist0tlereninsane and Gooderness.
The quests are being made by Fate78 and vincentmet.

A word from the creators:
As one of the creators I wanted to create a modpack that would challenge you in both boss fights, recipes and thought-out questlines. I sat for days making the modpack different from all the other modpacks by changing up to 80% of the config. Another thing i wanted the pack to have was an extensive play time, which is well achieved according to some peoples salty reactions towards the pack. Well thats enough rambling from me, check out the modpack for yourself, if you dare! MOEHAHAHA

If you find any bug, small or big, please report them on our Github issue tracking page over here!
We are always in need of testers who will test the pack for us whenever we bring out another update.

Avery big thank you to taytina for letting us use her "End Art" in our modpack! Permissions.

Veinminers default behaviour is set to sneak.
Be over prepared.

Playthrough From TheOnlyBently, Modii101 & Snoop787:

Other information and links:
Feel free to use any of the below to contact us with for example issues regarding the pack:
Discord: Ardentcraft
Twitter: TheBritishBrotherhood & vincentmet
Twitch: TheBritishBrotherhood & vincentmet
YouTube: TheBritishBrotherhoodModlist can be found over here.
A tutorial for if you dont have enough RAM. Created by heyo13579.


MMD Auth: TheBritishBrotherhood#1046


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