ArdentCraft Standalone

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Welcome to ArdentCraft Standalone. Standalone is a pack with the true feel of what i beleive Ardentcraft is. You will be tested to the maximum and your sanity may break.

This pack is Work-In-Progress. This means there will be frequent updates to fix the bugs in the pack.
Minecraft Forge 1.10 is not RAM-friendly, so we suggest you allocate at least 4GB of RAM or more to the pack.

About the pack:
Standalone is somewhat the flagship pack to the ArdentCraft series of modpacks. I feel like all the packs i have so far have a very deep story line. So i thought why not just make a hardcore pack with just vanilla mechanics and no major overhauls. This pack will test your minecraft skills as recipes are gated and some extremely hard! While trying to do this raiders want you dead! So have fun.

About the quests:
There is none! :O 

A word from the creators:
As one of the creators I wanted to create a modpack that is just the genuine feel of ArdentCraft. Ardentcraft originated from a mod i was working on a while back called 'ArdentCraft' It flopped ofcourse but i then made it into a modpack series. 

If you find any bug, small or big, please report them on our Github issue tracking page over here!
We are always in need of testers who will test the pack for us whenever we bring out another update.

Veinminers default behaviour is set to sneak.
Be over prepared.

Other information and links:
Feel free to use any of the below to contact us with for example issues regarding the pack:
Discord: Ardentcraft
Twitter: TheBritishBrotherhood & vincentmet
Twitch: TheBritishBrotherhood & vincentmet
YouTube: TheBritishBrotherhood
A tutorial for if you dont have enough RAM. Created by heyo13579.


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