Arch Supremacy

881 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

In Arch Supremacy you may journey down the path of developing an Empire utilizing Minecolonies. The running theme of creating an actual Empire is not something you find often. You will find quests in the pack that teach you and guide you.


Arch Supremacy contains a variety of Magic Mods and some of their addons. For those who prefer technology, you will also have access to a wide selection as well. Perhaps you wish to wage war against the Magic users and you only foucs on Technology. Perhaps you are the Magic users and want to rid the World of Technology. Or perhaps you are a middle party and want to utilize the best of both worlds. Or maybe you are one of the few that wish to create an Empire in space and invade from the Cosmos? Perhaps, you wish to Establish your empire in the Between Lands, a dark and mysterious realm where strange, monstrous creatures roam amongst the remnants of long lost civilizations, and you are the individual that wishes to rebuild civilization in that realm.


This pack is unique in a sense that no matter what you decide to do, you will always be able to do something, even if it simply to play with mods and completly forego the Empire Building. There is no "set-path." Play solo, or play with friends or play with a community. The choice is yours.


Whatever, you decide the pack allows for. There is not an advantage of picking Magic or picking Technology. All parties can defend themselves and their Empire. For those who prefer Hybrid of both you will find this just as suiting.


The Modpack is designed with Multiplayer in mind and is completly Server friendly. There are a few client-side only mods that you will have to remove and configs you will have to change, but perhaps in the future I will create a "server-files" download.


So pick your path, build your empire (or conquer another's) and enforce Arch Supremacy over your world.

Mandatory Requirments: 

Java 8


Suggested Requirments: 

64bit System (this is basically the new standard)

6-X Gig Ram Allocation (X mean if you can afford more, go for it)


Note from Pack Author:

Just a note. This pack has a lot of mods in it, however in my humble and personal opinion I do-not consider it to be a "heavy" pack. Majority of the mods in this pack are small utility mods in here and dependecy libraries that really bulk up the size of Active Mods. That is not to say there are some massive mods in here but I can't consider it a "heavy" pack. Others may have differing opinions and that is fine.


Regarding OptiFine - I use it on my version of the pack along with some Shaders and really don't have any issues. However, I have obviously not come across EVERY single combination of EVERY SINGLE mod etc. etc. It is possible OptiFine may cause some issues with mods in this pack but from my expereince it has been okay. I would always recommend removing OptiFine first if you run into an issue and if it persists then report it.



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