All the Mods Expert - ATM1E

86,647 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2   +1



This pack takes you through a unique, heavily altered progression showcasing some unique mods that haven't gotten much love, including Embers, Crossroads, Water Strainer, and Rockhounding. A nice visual guide has been created to guide you through some of these mods that you may not be so familiar with. The pack also includes many of the "standard" mods that you'd expect in any major modpack, although the progression in those mods may not be what you're used to. In total, we've altered roughly 200 to 300 recipes, including mods that we ourselves have added specific minetweaker support to during development (Blood Magic, Actually Additions, Rockhounding) in our quest to ensure that nothing stops us in making the the pack exactly as we envision it.



It is recommended to use Optifine with dynamic lighting enabled to make hardcore darkness a little easier to navigate as long as it isn't giving you any issues.


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