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Uploaded Dec 16, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
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Major changes and notes!
Regenerated the maps, again. Hopefully for the final time for real this time. (Yes, All That Remains IS supposed to look that way) 
DOUBLED THE AMOUNT OF QUESTS! After getting the pack back into a working state, we have been busy in the background adding in quests that we had been meaning to from the start, as well as other new and exciting ones!
Agrarian Skies 1 and 2 can now also be found on the AT Launcher and Tekkit Launcher! Officially!
Added Featured Servers Feature (Want to be featured? Reach out on the discord)
Quests should now automatically be imported during pack updates.
New pretty loading screen!


Disabled Update checking for Bibliocraft
Removed Yelorum to cryonite recipe. Now you have to actually work for that fuel.
Cobalt Ore and Ardite Ore are now minable again with the proper tools.
Tweaked Harvest Level names to something more actually useful.
Tweaked lots of harvest levels
Now you can use Flint Sword blades and shuriken
Disabled creation of obsidian pickaxe head
Tweaked Jabba Barrels: Electrum flux is now Signilam, and Thaumium has been promoted above Manulyn, Mana steel is no longer highest tier, now Void is.
Decreased hammer depth for vein hammer
Mobs will no longer toggle toggles or switch switches
Beds and crafting tables, trap doors, ladders, cake, and glass are how 100% less attractive to mobs, they will leave them alone.
Re-enabled Bedrock Dimension (sorry Vazkii)
Weeds spawn has been knocked down to occur 1/3 less frequent
Due to advances in remembering basic botany: Spinach, Strawberry, White Mushroom, Curry Leaf, Sesame Seeds, and Water Chestnuts can now be crossbred.
The Energy Cube that comes from reward bags will no longer distort time and space and cause you to crash.
Also the wand of crashing (one of the thaumcraft ones) no longer can be found in loot bags.
Can no longer get an Educational Sign from loot bags, due to above advances in botany.
We grammer 79% more better than before did quests do 
Axe Head no longer required for the Tinker's Quest
No longer need to go to Soul Dimension for Dimension quest
No longer get adventurer bag from bibliocraft quest
Agricraft Journal will now accept any seeds in the recipe.
Terraform rod no longer creates dirt. (sorry Vazkii)
Added in cheaper builders wand again. No longer requires unstable ingots.
Forestry bags have gone poof... as they never worked how people expected.
You can now obtain 4 sets of water (for crafting) from crafting a bucket of water.
Clay blocks are now uncraftable into balls (BALANCE!)
All Slabs can be crafted into full blocks
Easier Podzol recipe (now you can use any leaf!)
Due to @powerbuilder0 we have re-added tin (aluminum or copper too) bucket recipes. We fixed it earlier, but we are calling you out for reminding us. 
Also you can use the same metals for piston crafting as well.
NEI will no longer forget that items exist on reload.
Topiary Grass has been made easier to obtain.
Cobblestone and Stone Generators have been made cheaper.
No longer will get a broken recall stone when crafting one. Figured out how to make them not broken at first.
Tinker's Construct casts now require the appropriate amount of liquid to make items
Tinker's Parts that are disabled will no longer show up in NEI
Romantic Mood Lighting quest reward will no longer cause the game to leave for a romantic night without you.
Corrected item that was wanted for a quest. (No longer a single stone, now the proper block is required)
Pam's Milk has been approved by the Jaded Team™️ for consumption and can be used in recipes, finally.

Patched the following mods:
Agricraft - Now strength is now properly used to prevent weeds from spreading to it.
Ex Astris - fixed bugs, (crash and dupe)
Router Reborn - Vein Hammer works again, please stop asking for veinminer or ore excavation, we already have that ability in the pack, you just have to work for it.
Ex Nihilo - Fixed bugs (not silkworms, other bugs )
Natura - Reduced redstone duplication from trees
Sangumancy - Fixed crash
NEI - Fixed another crash
Nether Ores - Now will have ores explode half as often, also hellfish will spawn half as often (see we give you nice things too)

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