Agrarian Skies 2

Last Updated: Oct 7, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10


Nov 13, 2014

Owner: jadedcat

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The original skyblock quest pack is back for 1.7.10. Follow the quest book, meet new quest givers and rebuild your world starting from almost nothing. There are multiple map options ranging from easy to hard. Your game difficulty will determine what you start with for resources.  This pack completely changes the way minecraft is played. Nothing is safe from The Jaded One's tweaks. 


Mac/Linux Users:  AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE - The one Titled "Alternative" is the alternative download.


Server Maps


People keep asking: Yes it is ok to record/stream my packs. I like watching. :)



- Maps : Morvelaira, Mysterious Ages, Boni, PaisleyPlayfully, Dartimos, Jadedcat built the boring square platform.

- Pack Art - BigBadChris

-  StanHebben and Jared for answering all my MineTweaker and ModTweaker questions

- Lumien for not hitting me over silly questions for customizing the menu and resource loading

- ZethHQ for the AgriCraft textures

- Slady: For the in game guidebook

- Forum user who's name I cannot locate who fixed the typos in the quest book <3

- Griffsnuff : for the background of the menu


Farming Guide:


- No it is not ok to rehost/redistribute my  content, art, logo, name or custom configs on a different platform.