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ZYCraft tries to bring back the content of a long-abandoned mod called XyCraft developed by ChickenBones & Soaryn which was last released for Minecraft 1.4.7 and was in development for 1.7.10 version. According to the creator, this mod is currently "on pause".

This mod tries to repeat most accurately the content that was planned for 1.7.10. All code was written by me. All textures were recreated in paint.net by me (I have pdn files that will prove that).

The content was collected from screenshots that I found in Soaryn's Twitter and from a few dev streams that I found in the Twitch archive (and some other places).

This mod wouldn't be possible without Registrate by tterrag.

Current content


World Gen:

Spawns in Overworld in all biomes.

Every worldgen numbers can be configured using config.


Almost all decorative blocks come with Storage Block, Bricks, and Small Bricks.

Some blocks come with CTM textures, so don't forget to install ConnectedTexturesMod (Emission on blocks only work with CTM installed).

Blocks that emit light will spawn sparkle particles (Colorable blocks spawn sparkles with color like a block has).

Zychorite & Zychorium Ores:

  • Zychorite vein can be found at heights of 0 to 64; 8 veins per chunk. The maximum amount of blocks in the vein is 17.
  • Vein consists of Zychorite blocks and Zychorium Ores of all colors. 50% of the vein will be Zychorium Ores, the rest will be Zychorite blocks.
  • Zychorite can be used to craft the Zychorized variants of Zychorium based decorative blocks.
  • Zychorium Ore drops 1-3 Zychorium by default and more if it was mined with Fortune enchantment.


  • Ore can be found at heights of 0 to 64; 8 veins per chunk; Maximum size of the vein is 8 blocks.
  • Ore can be smelted to Aluminium.
  • Aluminium сan be used to craft Aluminized variants of Zychorium based decorative blocks.

Quartz Crystal Clyster:

  • Spawns only on the surface of the caves; maximum 4 clusters per chunk; The number of crystals in the cluster is random.
  • Clusters can contain up to 5 crystals.
  • Damage all mobs that touch it (damage is based on the number of crystals in a cluster).
  • Don't destroy items that touch it.
  • It can be placed on the hopper.

Zychorium based decorative blocks:

  • Comes in 5 colors (Blue, Green, Red, Dark, Light).
  • A colored layer of the block has emission i.e. glow in the dark without emitting light (except Solid one).
  • Mobs can't spawn on these blocks (except Solid one).


  • Comes in 6 types (Glass, Dire, Aluminium, Reinforced, Glowing, Dark).
  • Immortal Viewer comes in 3 types (Basic, Glowing, Dark) and can be recolored like Colorable blocks.
  • The Phantomized variant of this block allows you to pass through it.

Colorable blocks:

  • They can be recolored using dyes or Red, Green, or Blue Zychorium (which will modify the R, G, B color components accordingly).
  • Zychorium Lamp comes with an Inverted variant (The lamp is On when there is no Redstone signal).
  • The brightness of the Zychorium Lamp color will change depending on the strength of Redstone signal.

Zychorium Plate and Shield:

  • Plate can bear the explosion of a Creeper (not Powered one).
  • Shield has a resistance of the Obsidian block.


  • Zychorium Water - acts as a Water source block. Can turn source Lava to Obsidian and flowing Lava to Cobblestone.
  • Zychorium Soil - acts as a Farmland block. Any crops can be placed on this block (even Sugar Cane and Cactus!) and it doesn't require any adjacent Water to be able to grow crops. The Soil blocks can be stacked on top of each other which will increase the growth speed of a crop by a little with each Soil block added.
  • Fire Basin - acts as a Netherrack block. Fire will always burn on the upper side of this block.
  • Fluid Void - voids any adjacent fluid (Works with WaterLogged blocks too!).
  • Zychorium Ice - turns adjacent Water to Ice.
  • Fabricator
  • Multi-Tank


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Modpack usage:

Yes, you can use this mod in your Modpack.


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