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After nearly a decade hiatus, it's back! 


XyCraft Core serves as the foundation piece for all XyCraft mods as well as other mods that wish to tie into the framework. Note: XyCraft is compartmentalized into different mods to allow you to pick and choose what you want to have in your world as well as simplify the development process.

Key Features:

  • Connected Textures
  • The iconic cloud sprite
  • Registry systems
  • Required Mixins and Access Transformers


As a player, Core will provide no additional content to change gameplay, so it is advised to also install XyCraft World and XyCraft Override as well! Each has their own purpose.

For mod, mod pack, or resource pack developers, hooking into the connected texture model is simple! A provided sample can be found on the public Github issue tracker as well as other potential features exposed without even needing to require XyCraft at compile time!



  • Investigation of a Color Blindness mode. I’d very much like to support a way for players with colorblindness to be able to enjoy the mod; however, understand that a lot of elements are color based at the moment especially aesthetics. The current goal of this is to make sure any functional aspects of the mod are easily distinguishable without perceiving color.



Q: Did the ETA command finally run out?

A: I have no idea 😂


Q: How do you pronounce XyCraft?

A: Similar to “Xylophone”.


Q: Where is all of the content (blocks and items)?

A: All of the content is separated out to different mods; XyCraft World as an example.


Q: Why the hiatus?

A: Originally, XyCraft was a project used to learn Java. Fun fact, Soaryn now has a degree in computer science! Primarily though, was a compounding list of issues one of which was the usual question of “When is it updating?”. This time around, features will be added slowly and with a little more planning.


Q: Will the mod ever be Open Sourced?

A: At the current moment, no. The plan is to potentially open up core to be easier to follow, but that will only be after some cleanup. The biggest reason is that I don’t want to waste anyone’s time with PRs I may not be able to accept.


Q: Where are the tanks?

A: That is a part of XyCraft Machines 

Q: Weren’t there lasers?
A: In an unreleased version yes, Chickenbones and I had designed a laser power system. That is again slated for XyCraft Machines in planning.


Q: Will there be a version for Minecraft 1.---"

A: Let me go ahead and stop you. 😊 Unless it is the current version of Minecraft then likely no. I am not able to allocate time to work on past versions aside from any critical bugs. We should not strive to work backwards but rather forwards!


Q: Will this be ported to other modloaders?

A: No. While I can understand the desire for it, this is more dev time than I can honestly spend doing the initial work as well as the quality assurance I tend to try to give my projects.



  • Amadornes - Helping with the initial push & setup for 1.19. He has also offered to help on different parts of the mod should I need it. “AAAAMMAAA” is something he has grown to hear 😅
  • Kryppers – Providing the logos as well as various art work for the mod. His work is spectacular and can also be seen in Create!
  • Forgecraft Devs – Providing a place I can quickly ask questions. Even if I find the answer myself 20 seconds later.
  • Pahimar – For listening to me 10 years ago when I had a question and basically said “Go for it!”. Thank you very much Pahimar!