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Uploaded Jun 26, 2020
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*This is not a full changelog, you will find changes, additions, and fixes not listed here*
*Keep in mind all config options have been moved to a new folder set to default*
*This is a MAJOR update and may cause compatibility issues with old worlds!*

-Module system for animals to have more customization
-Animal data is stored in JSON files to allow more customization
-11 new plushes
-Egg rewrite
-Improved vehicle mechanics
-Zoo Cart Vehicle
-Worm item/animal food. Collected by breaking ground
-Hanging ball enrichment block
-Albatross, Condor, Cockatoo, Sea Turtle, Gharial, Macaw, Toucan, and Tree Frog remodels
-Make marine tangs more colorful
-Seine net config options
-Eating, drinking, and enrichment cool-down
-More translation keys for GUIs
-Data book can be used for plants and minecraft animals
-Data book options to release, disable flying, disable aging
-Recycle bin
-Barrel blocks log can be changed to any block
-Bamboo fence

-Changed animal drops and removed lots of unused items
-"Optimize" code
-Rewrite animal book
-Nets show their containing animal when selected instead of as tool-tip
-Fix amur leopard animation
-Change recipes to be more efficient
-Change fur recipes
-Rewrite meerkat status handling
-Rewrite bear standing
-Change some animal aggression
-New flying mechanics

-Fix a bug which prevented water plants from being placed when one block below water
-Fixed an issue where amazon sword was registered as a land plant
-Fix platypus swimming
-Fix some animal heights
-Cassowaries will be aggressive
-Fixed a bug which caused animals to fall asleep while being ridden
-Change how AI is used
-Bench rendering
-ZAWA spawn eggs now work in dispensers
-Fix block collision

-Remove lots of poorly implemented code
-Start writing more classes in kotlin with plans to fully move to the kotlin language
-Add more systems to allow less code for animals

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