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Zombie Variants [Forge]

Zombie Variants adds (and will add) a ton of new zombies to expand your world with. 

You can even decide which ones spawn and where they spawn! They can even spawn in modded biomes if you add them to the config file!


Made in collaboration with Spryzeen's Zombie variants, you can expect beautifully crafted zombies with special characteristics and abilities!


The mod currently includes 15 new ice-related zombies, some of which can freeze you on hit or drop a cool helmet!

This mod is also fully compatible with Epic Fight


Current Zombie Abilities:

"Icy" zombies and the yeti can cause freeze on hit.

"Snowy" zombies spawn snow like an snowgolem.

"Cold Dirt Zombie B" has a cool hat which can be dropped by them



Mod Showcase with epic fight:

Ice Zombies showcase:


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Interested in a commission? Send me a message to my fiverr gig!