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Zollern Galaxy

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***** 1.12.2 UPDATE  ***** TINY BUG FIX UPDATE 11/28/2023 *****




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** As of Feburary 1st, 2022, the 1.7.10 version of the mod has been archived. The 1.7.10 version is no longer supported, due to its many issues and how far behind it is on the current version. 


CurgeForse seems to be taking forever (over 24 hours!) to show the uploaded file, so you can get it here on my GitHub:



So, here's how this works:


To "progress" through each planet as the mod is intended, there are 10 tiers of Star Gates. Each one is linked between two planets: the one you came from, and the one you're going to. They do not stack, but their usage is (currently) unlimited, though that may change in the future. Now having said that, you can also reach these planets by using rockets from other mods (the first planet is Tier 3), allowing you to bypass the Star Gate system. I just wanted to try something new, different and creative because there's so many rockets already. I'll have a new video out (hopefully soon) showcasing the mod; one that's more up to date. Let's just take this one step at a time though, shall we? One small step, then we'll take a giant leap! ** As of version v2.0.33, all planets are Tier 3 by default. This can be changed in the config if desired.


Now, having said that, I have been diligently working on this mod in my spare time, and it's honestly been a lot of fun. I'm learning a lot as I work on it and it's been a great stress relief. As was the case last time, Steve KunG's More Planets mod was a big help, and I would like to request that if you use my mod, please use his as well. So anyway, thank you SO much for your interest in this mod, as I had no idea it would be received as well as it has been, and I look forward to delivering more exploration for your space adventures! Also: MJRLegends has been an absolute, well, legend! I've received a good amount of help from him on the mod itself, and he's been an amazing friend. His code is also incredibly easy to understand.


Stay up to date by following my Roadmap!


I strongly recommend using JEI/NEI, Just Enough Resources, JourneyMap, and WAILA/WAWLA/HWYLA in conjunction with this mod, as they will help immensely with figuring out what things do.



MJRLegends - Very helpful with many things, and worked with me to get my mod to play nice with Planet Progressions and Extra Planets. Our mods are designed to work alongside each other.

ExistingEevee - Provided 3D models, textures, ideas, and code.

Skaptic - Provided textures and ideas.

mMONTAGEm - Provided Russian translations.

EndsM - Provided Chinese translations.

xDawnShadow - Contributed ideas and suggestions.

CrazyHand98 - Contributed code, textures, 3D models, and ideas.



I DO NOT give permission for this mod to be uploaded or distributed anywhere else but this site.

You MAY NOT make money off of this mod in any way, shape or form.

You MAY NOT remake this mod without my express, written permission with my signature.

You MAY NOT steal or copy any of this mod's contents. All rights reserved.


You CAN use this in a modpack, all I ask is that you give a link back to this page, please.

You CAN use this mod to learn from and get INSPIRATION from.


NOTE: Please DO NOT private message me. There is a GitHub Issue Tracker as well as a Discord server where you may reach me. Private messages will be ignored, and the sender will be blocked.







1. Zollus - An ice planet with spiky, ice towers, and special crystals.

2. Kriffon - A scorching, molten planet full of lava, magma, and lots of red.

3. Purgot - A cold, barren planet at the edge of the solar system, this Purgatory-like planet is a gateway to paradise.

4. Eden - A paradise planet, more lush than Earth, with its own diverse set of ecosystems, mechanics, ores, mobs, flora, treasure and more. Easily the highlight of the mod.

    4a. Astros - The icy moon of Eden where sapphires are found.



5. Xathius - An abstract-colored, radioactive planet with a breathable atmosphere and unique set of ores.

6. Oasis - As its name suggests, a paradise planet which also has a Red Sea (comprised of Destabilized Redstone, if Thermal Foundation is installed). Super Charged Coal can also be found here.

7. Xantheon - An artificial planet, created from a now-extinct robotic race of aliens that have been reduced down to Radiolaria, A.K.A. "White Lava." Fueltonium can be found here.

8. Candora - Categorized as the "birthday planet," this unique planet is composed entirely of sweets from Earth, all the way down to its very core.

9. Atheon - Similar to Xantheon, but was once a place of worship for the would-be Tech Gods.



10. Perdita - A desert-like planet with the occasional oasis, lost in deep space. Filled with treasure, heavy gravity, breathable atmosphere, and scary Mummies.

11. Altum - An ocean planet, the land rarely makes it above the water. Unique, alien fish can be found here, as well as the sea-dwelling Abyssal Villagers.

12. Caligro - The lair of darkness, where the Dark Agents live. Special Spiders that make infestations, an alien Boss Mob that represents death itself, countless treasures and ores, terrifying mobs, and corruption. This place will leave you feeling a little... Upside Down. Radiance will protect you.

13. Exodus - Another Earth-like planet where ancient alien entities called the Arcon once migrated to long ago. Not much is known about them, and they seem completely ignorant of those who pass by. For now.



14. Vortex - A swirling dominion of death, constantly plagued by violent storms, crackling lightning, and harsh winds that move the Player around. A Storm Amulet is needed for protection here.

15. Metztli - Once a place of beauty and gardening, a violent Zombie mutation broke out long ago, which has since mutated much further in the thousands of years since this event, and is still occurring. The Player will find all different kinds of Zombie mutations here, and will find their Light inside to be Dying.

16. Centotl - A place that feels very... Alien. You might want to nuke it from orbit.

17. Toci - The planet of the Wanderers.

18. Tlaloc - The home of the "Tech Gods" that created the constructed planets. Has the planet's first boss dungeon. Can't we stay here with the murderous robots?



19. Kronos - The Hell planet with plentiful treasure, and dangers to match.



20. Maveth - A dark-blue, desert planet in the far-reaches of space.


Please read this entire description before posting anything! I do not use rockets; I use a star-gate system instead. I thought it would be more creative and give a slight twist to space exploration. If you wish to bypass this, use Steve Kung's "More Planets" mod, or MJRLegend's "Extra Planets" mod. Zollern Galaxy is DESIGNED to work along-side it!


** You MUST have Galacticraft 4 installed as a mod already for this add-on mod to work!


** This mod works with More Planets, GalaxySpace, ExtraPlanets, Blank Planet, Planet Progressions, and all other known GC add-ons! There just may be a few dimension/biome ID conflicts that you have to change, but it is possible to get ALL to play nice together. It does not have a dependency other than Galacticraft.




Thermal Foundation - Special ores that produce certain metals from this mod, plus all main metals can be pulverized. Planet Oasis can have a Destabilized Redstone Sea. More interaction to come!

Extreme Reactors - Some of the metals and liquids can be used inside of turbines and reactors. More interaction to come!

Planet Progressions - Installing this mod will let you "discover" my planets before you can travel to them.

Tinker's Construct - Traits, weapon parts and casting!

Pam's HarvestCraft - Crops from this mod can be used.

Aliens vs Predator - Certain mobs from this mod can spawn on planet Centotl.



* You can have a space station on every planet in this mod. As of the time of this writing, it is not possible for a moon to have a space station on it.

* Findable lore books are scattered throughout the galaxies; a whole story for you to discover awaits. Community lore is encouraged!


For any issues, please use the Issue Tracker on the project's GitHub.




--Showcase Video 1--



--Showcase Video 2-- *Twitch Stream*



Videos presented by:




Zollern Galaxy is a space exploration mod; an add-on for Galacticraft. It adds multiple new solar systems and planets, each with their own set of blocks, items, biomes, flora, fauna, mobs and resources. The Player can reach the starter planet, Zollus, by creating a Tier 3 rocketship, and then, as resources are collected, the Player can then craft a special stargate. This stargate, when right-clicked, will take the Player to the next planet. I thought it would be fun to shake things up a bit like that, and instead of making extra rockets (which would have taken a lot more work), making what essentially are star-gates. This is how you progress through the mod, and how you explore planets. This is my first add-on mod, but I think I did pretty well, all things considered. There are currently 8 star systems, 20 planets and 1 moon - the goal is to have at least 8 different star systems, and at least 30 planets in total, when all is said and done. This may take a while to get to, and is currently unfinished. Patience is appreciated.

This mod was heavily inspired by Star Trek, No Man's Sky, Galacticraft, and Steve Kung's "More Planets" mod. Galacticraft is an incredible mod, but Steve Kung's "More Planets" mod and MJRLegend's "Extra Planets" mod are what really stole the show and inspired me to create my own add-on. The code is so well written and easy to read that I had no trouble at all with learning from them. The mods are amazing, and the planets and moons they created are absolutely breath-taking. I heavily encourage you to use their mod with mine, not only because it makes the space exploration much more fun and robust, but also because there are an upwards of 10 different rocket tiers. This would, theoretically, allow the Player to transcend my portal system by visiting whichever planet or moon they like and exploring at their own pace. I learned a LOT from their mods, MJR's especially, and my mod would not have been at all possible or have a lot of the stuff that it has without them.


The mod's community has also been incredibly helpful, especially in our Discord channel (link at the bottom of the screen). A lot of the content you see (3D models, textures, translations, ideas, etc.) came from them.


I spent months working on this mod, and I honestly took a lot of breaks because I thought it would be a very long time before I even had this ready to release for version 1. I am sure there will be bugs and glitches; I expect nothing less. Please inform me of anything that you find and I will be more than happy to look into it and try to fix it. I've only made one other mod, called Zollern Extras, and it essentially was just, as its name suggests, an "extras" mod, so I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted with it. However, it did not get the attention that I was hoping it would, and honestly, it didn't deserve to. But I worked very hard on this mod, and will continue to do so for the next year or two. Space exploration has always been one of my favorite things, ever since I was a child, and it feels amazing to finally be making my own virtual universe, right alongside Steve's, MJR's and micdoodle8's.

I don't want to give away anything, because there are some hidden surprises and fun little things to find, especially on Eden, but on others, too. More surprises and fun little finds are always being added. This mod will likely not have a wiki, simply because I prefer the Player to explore everything and figure everything out for themselves. That's part of the fun, to me, is not knowing what's out there. I really hope this mod takes off, so I would love some kind feedback, whether it be positive or negative. There are still certain concepts that I don't understand, so maybe it is a little limited in that sense, but I still think you'll find it pretty cool.

So get out there - evolve and explore - go where no miner has gone before!


Also be sure to check out my brother and I's YouTube Channel, Zollern Entertainment!


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