Zollern Extras

3,509 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 25, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

**** UPDATE 7/20/17: I am now working on a 1.11.2 version! Thank you all for being so patient as I make this transition! ****


** This mod works best with NotEnoughItems to show you how to craft things, as the mod has a lot of ‘hidden’ features. Details about usage in modpacks etc. is near the bottom.


   ** Designed to work with Zane Extras! 


    Zollern Extras adds, changes, re-imagines, fixes, and just about anything else you could want. The mod incorporates multiple 'game changer' integrations:

    Triumph Swords: Diablo, Ender, Thor, Glacies, and Mortem. Each sword does something different, and is a slight bit of work to make. You'll need to harvest a good deal of gems from caves, including garnet, opal, topaz, azurite, amber, enderite, witherium and aquamarine. Azurite could originally only be found in the Nether, but now it also spawns in the very rare Miner's Land biome (as well as in the Upside-Down), which consists of all ZE ores and vanilla ores (including Zanium and Starium if Zane Extras is present, and Yellorite Ore if Big Reactors is present), spawning at every level, with the same chance of spawning (this means that, in this biome, emeralds and diamonds spawn just as much as iron and gold). Every sword has a special power that can be used upon right-clicking. You'll have to try them to find out what they are.

    1.8 Stuff: While a good deal is still missing from the 1.8 update, a few blocks are added from it, including andesite, diorite, granite, and the polished versions of all of them, alongside prismarine. These blocks do not function exactly the same way as the real thing, but they have the same exact texture and are very easy to make (or find).

    Mobs: Several mobs are added in this mod, including but not limited to, sharks, fish, mega creepers (purple, three-headed Creepers - they're deadly), mummies, ducks, and so on. Some of the deadliest mobs are in the Nether, End, and the Upside-Down.

    Upside-Down: The Upside-Down is a new, dark-matter dimension, inspired by the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. A vicious, interdimensional boss mob spawns here, known to the dimension’s residents as the Shadow God. The boss has many mechanics: every tick, he has a chance to heal for 10 – 20 points of his health; at 500 health, he has a medium chance to spawn a Scorpion; at 250 health, his attack damage begins to increase. The Upside-Down also is rich with over 20 different ores, a couple of them from other mods. Also, you must have the Radiance potion effect (automatically applied if you have Radium in your inventory), or you will take “shadow damage.” There are many more things hidden here, but it is up to you to find them. To get there, you must craft the Gateway Eye.

    Player Improvements: The Player can craft Health Upgrades, which permanently increase the user's health. There are also passive abilities that increase while exploring: fall resistance and jump height increase by 0.X amount when falling from great heights, and fortune increases from mining ZE ores, causing more of other ZE ores to drop. Soon, defense, damage, intelligence, and plant harvesting will be a part of these abilities too. NOTE: This feature is currently buggy and is still under construction. It should still work, but it may not save – so think before you use your resources!

    Biomes: At least 10 - 13 new biomes are added, among them being a Candy Land (made up of multi-colored Candy Cube blocks, resembling Neapolitan ice cream with sprinkles, going all the way down to bedrock), a Crystal Ocean (where you can find Prismarine and Prismarine Ore all the way down to bedrock), a Mushroom Forest, the Miner's Land, and many more.

    Ores: This mod adds 20-something new ores, in all four dimensions. All Overworld ores will also carry over to the Twilight Forest for generation as well. Some ores and blocks can only be found in their respective dimensions. Nether ores give more than Overworld ores, Ender ores give more than Nether ores, and Upside-Down (Shadow) ores give more than Ender ores.

    Shinestone: One of the 'pretty' aspects of the mod is its introduction of Shinestone, a blue, glowstone-like block that, when broken, gives the player shine dust. This dust can then be smelted into shinestone ingots, which can form a type of crystal block, which can then be used to form a nicer crystal block, or it can be crafted into various different things. Shine dust and Shinestone in general have a quite a large range of possibilities and uses. Shinestone generates naturally in caves, giving the Player light to see . Furthermore, Shinestone Torches can also be crafted using a stick and shine dust, helping the Player with his or her mining experience. This can also be used to craft Shinium (which can then be used for Chargium, which can be used inside of BR’s turbines), an item that can be used in place of Shiny Ingots.

    Beautiful Caves: Caves are no longer boring, with andesite, diorite, granite, shinestone and cave marble generating within them, making the caves seem more alive and less monotone.

    Integration: This mod has connections to a few other mods. It also features items, blocks and recipes that help other mods. For instance, Fueltonium (minable only with an amaranth pickaxe or higher) can be used in place of Yellorium from Big Reactors. Shinium Ingots (not Shinestone) can be used in place of platinum. Stylish Glass (created from smelting gravel) can be used in place of regular glass. Obsidian Dust can be used in place of Pulverized Obsidian, and cooked into Obsidian Ingots, which can then be crafted into an obsidian block. Lily pads can be smelted into green dye, which can be used as a replacement for cactus green dye if need be. Chargium can be used inside of BR’s turbines. Zanium generates in Miner’s Lands. The Ender Skeleton is an exclusive mob that only registers if Zane’s Extras is present, as it uses the Ender Bow from that mod. 90% of the ores in this mod can also be pulverized and/or crushed, in order to double the output of the product.

    Improvements & Changes: This mod enables several things. Blocks of Quartz can now be decrafted back into Nether quartz, rotten flesh cooks into leather, name tags become craftable, the name of the biome you're currently in displays on the HUD (can be toggled in the config), horse armor is craftable, and more.

    Mob Improvements & Changes: Sheep will drop mutton. Zombies and Mummies now have a 50% chance to drop flour (1 piece of flour can be cooked into 2 pieces of bread). Skeletons will always drop bones (was originally bows, but this was fixed). Ghasts will always drop tears. Blazes will always drop blaze rods. Endermen will always drop ender pearls.

    Ender Shards: Getting Ender Pearls can be a real pain, so this mod adds a semi-rare ore to caves called the Ender Shard Ore. One of the blocks drops 1 to 2 shards, and 8 shards can be crafted to form a single ender pearl.

    Food & Crops: This mod adds several new types of food, including bacon and mutton. But it also adds new crops: blueberries, blackberries, grapes, strawberries, radishes, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peas, and more are on the way. New fruit trees have also been added: bananas, oranges, guavas, lemons, limes, limons (a mixture of lemons and limes), cherries, grapefruit and ender berries.


    There is also a bunch of hidden stuff, and other obvious things that aren’t described here. I don’t really have the motivation that I need in order to write a wiki for all of this, not to mention it would probably be crappy – but if someone else wants to make a wiki for this mod then I will not be opposed to it at all. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mod – and I welcome any helpful feedback, as well as any questions you may have.


You MAY....

  • Use this in your modpack. Credit would be nice but is not required considering my alias is in the name of the actual mod itself.
  • View the source code and learn from it.
  • Ask me any questions you might have about it.
  • Make me aware of any bugs (chances are I already know about it, but hearing how other people are getting the errors will help me immensely).
  • Give constructive, mature criticism.

You may NOT...

  • Claim this mod as your own.
  • Upload this mod (or its source code) anywhere else for distribution (uploading it to your server for use in-game is fine).
  • Use it to grief or annoy other Players or people in general.
  • Edit and/or distribute the source code.

As stated above, I'm aware of most of the bugs. I'm new to GUIs so I'm still learning those. There are a couple others I think but they're nothing major, and you can always check to see detailed changes in my Changelog.


The mod adds a lot more than just this, but you just need to check it out for yourself. :)


 If you like the mod, please consider supporting me on Patreon. You would be helping me a lot - thank you.


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