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4,016 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 6, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Zetter is a Minecraft mod with a simple goal of adding custom drawing interface to create and use custom pictures in Minecraft.

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< 0.8.0-b UPDATE NOTICE!

If you're updating from version 0.8.0-b or below, put all your paintings from inventory on walls. Your painting data will not be lost, but you won't be able to restore item without special commands.


Also, the image and item format is likely frozen. This means 0.8.0 is (with 95% certainty) the last update which breaks backwards compatibility. No metadata will be lost, no items will be lost in the later updates, so you won't have to put your paintings on the walls anymore :)


Recipes & info: https://github.com/dantaeusb-mc/Zetter/wiki




Available translations:


  • American English (en_US)
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Portuguese (pt_PT, pt_BR) thanks to StuarteLitro
  • Spanish (es_ES, es_AR, es_HN, es_MX, es_PE and others) thanks to iSrNinja
  • Hebrew (he_IL) thanks to ItamarDenkberg


    Completed features:


    1. Simultaneous canvas edit, dynamic picture updates for all players in range;

    2. Dynamic canvas texture loading/unloading;

    3. 16 types of frames from all vanilla types of wood, all of them can be decorated with golden nameplate which will show painting name by right-clicking it;

    4. Frames could be easily replaced, you can take your painting off the frame and use another;

    5. Color code input fields (hex) and HSV sliders for color picking;

    6. 16x16 paintings can be combined and placed on wall, resulting in up to 4x3 blocks paintings;

    7. Eyedropper tool.

    8. Bucket tool.


    What doesn't work yet:


1. It lags and misses pixel edits rarely;

2. No moderation tools.


Core values of this mod:

1. Encourage players to create own pixel artworks and use it in their creations;

2. Do not change vanilla gameplay in any way and try to be as much close to vanilla Minecraft feel as possible;

3. Drawing should be fun and simple;

4. Let power users to be power users as much as it doesn't overcomplicate UI;

5. Server administrators should be able to easily moderate player artworks and decide what is appropriate on their server;

6. Simultaneous canvas edit is super hard to implement properly, but I will because it's fun.



Planned features:


1. Golden paintings should have more decoration, glass frames should allow players to create huge seamless paintings by placing them one next to another;

2. Brush size, transparency and jitter for all brush values;

3. Special admin table to check all pictures;

4. Setting to use higher resolution of canvases for higher-resolution texture packs, up to 64px on one block.


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