ZeroPoint Energy API

1,718 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018 Game Version: 1.13

ZeroPoint is an energy system for Rift and Minecraft 1.13. It is mainly an API and adds a generator as an example block. There are a few fundamental goals:

  • Provide a deflated environment. RF and Forge Energy went through a massive power creep, to the point where base-level cables transferred thousands of RF/t and base-level batteries stored millions. This isn't conducive to a fun experience, so ZeroPoint is starting fresh.
  • Stay simple and easy to understand. ZeroPoint exposes itself in energy per second instead of per tick, so you have a better sense of how long things really take. Ticks are great for computers to understand, but not as great for humans.
  • Keep capable without capabilities. Capabilities aren't in Rift yet, so ZeroPoint adds its own structure for interactions. It will continue to be updated and improved while Rift develops.

For information on how to integrate ZeroPoint with your mod and guidelines on using ZeroPoint properly, please check the wiki


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