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Filename zenstages-0.3.0-15.jar
Uploaded by artdude543
Uploaded Aug 29, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 41.61 KB
Downloads 8,834
MD5 bb5c8dcbe3666362590f303720fb83a3
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This version contains a breaking change to anyone using the following method:

addModId(String modId, IIngredient[] ignoreStaging)

The ignoreStaging parameter has been removed, due to performance issues. It will make a return once we work out a solution for this which does not impact the loading/performance of the game. This will break ANY script using the parameter, this version has been bumped up an entire build to suggest about breaking changes and it's noted here. So please take this on board if your using the mod/method.


  • Fixed: Remove un-needed logging about post init. (Sorta left this here for no reason)
  • Updated: Building against a newer version of GameStages. (2.0.103)

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