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ZenStages - Staged Modpacks Best Friend


ZenStages is a modpack makers tool when using GameStages are a core part of their pack. What ZenStages is there to give is easier creation and management of Stages. From which, you are able to stage content to the Stage itself and via the main ZenStager depending on what content you are wanting to stage. With the methods and classes ZenStages provider along with some changes to how staging content to mods using the GameStages API such as Recipe Stages or Mob Stages. You're able to create a staged modpack in faster times and with less hassle.


The Story

This mod has been created after the first revision of SevTech: Ages to which our scripts were a mess with staging all over the place and some mods not having a decent and efficient way to stage content. So the developers of the modpack took it upon themselves to improve their own scripts and release a tool for other modpack makers wanting to create Staged based modpacks. The goal is to allow for scripts to be much more efficient and cleaner to read, but also to allow easier and intuitive methods to staging said content. But it's not all about the adding of content... you also want to get back that data for use in ZenEvents or other integrations and natively you can't get back the data you added easily.


So ZenStager comes with the tools we were missing/wanted in SevTech: Ages to get back the Stage of an item or mob. Making Events even easier to manage and code but more importantly keeping things clean and simple. As who wants to keep copy-pasting code over and over? So ZenStages has been developed in line with the mass script re-write for SevTech: Ages to add performance increases to the running of the scripts and to allow easy updating/managing of the entire staging system.


So how do I start?

You can find all the documentation on the mod here (link being added when the Crafttweaker Doc PR is merged). Along with examples coming soon. You can also view the SevTech: Ages scripts to see how we are using them for our context.