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YABM (Yet Another Backpack Mod) is now on Fabric! It's a backpack mod with a few tiers and a couple nice features, with more coming down the pipeline.


- Requires Fabric API

- Requires Nbt Crafting (Fabric) 



There are 3 tiers of regular backpack: Small, Medium, and Large.

They are crafted as so:


Small Backpack (9 Slots):

Small backpack

Medium Backpack (27 Slots, requires a Small Backpack, Shapeless):

Medium Backpack

Large Backpack (45 Slots, requires a Medium Backpack, Shapeless):

Large Backpack

The upgraded backpacks keep the inventory of the ones they are crafted with.



There is also a NEW backpack, the Ender Backpack, in the new Fabric version:

Ender Backpack

The Ender Backpack has a separate inventory for each player and every Ender Backpack shares the same inventory per player. It does NOT access your Ender Chest, but there might be another backpack that does in the future.


As per usual, these backpacks are subject to change.


LEGACY DESCRIPTION (Applies to the 1.12.2 version):


YABM (Yet Another Backpack Mod) is a backpack mod for those of us who miss being able to access your backpack without taking it off. Back in the day, this was a nice feature of Backpacks. Now, with Baubles, this can be done even better so you don't have to give up your chestplate!


In order to open the Backpack's inventory, there are 2 options:

1. Hold it in your hand and rightclick

2. Place it in your Body Bauble slot and press V.



Currently, there are 3 types of backpack: Small, Medium, and Large.

They are crafted as follows:


Small Backpack (Holds 9 Stacks):

Small Backpack Crafting


Medium Backpack (Holds 27 Stacks):

Medium Backpack Crafting


Large Backpack (Holds 54 Stacks) (Any Shulker Box will work):
Large Backpack Crafting


These Backpacks are subject to change.




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