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World generation and ores are here! Through out the world are mysteries to uncover, one of which is the luminescent Xychorium!



XyCraft World is a required component of most of the mods, and while this could have likely been packaged into Core there was some debate of providing external developers tools without requiring the world gen aspect. For that very reason this was separated out. Any and all world generation or exploration shall reside in this module.



  • Provides the world gen for all XyCraft modules
  • Materials such as Xychorium and Aluminum with proper tags
  • Adds decorative blocks using the iconic XyCraft cloud and glow effect



  • Satisfactory like ore nodes in some concept.
  • More exploration rewards for the player
  • In game guidance for where to find materials and what to do with them.
  • Food/plant items such as corn and tomatoes.
  • Possibly a dimension, but that is not on the current roadmap if it does happen.
  • Experience dropped from mining the ores.
  • More block variations and options.