Fabric XP Obelisk is a simple mod to store experience points. It's inspired by Ender Io's experience obelisk


A Additional mod is currently under Development.

You can check it out Here!





  • Stores a total amount of 2.147.483.647 experience points, that's more then 21.863 level's.
  • Store/Receive the exact amount of levels you want. via "XP Transfer" item or Fluid Input/Output (Kibe, AE2, ...).
  • Patchouli Handbook (Optional).
  • Fabric Fluid Support.
  • Lock/Unlock for other players.
  • Block contains experience/lock when broken.
  • Fill/empty Glass Bottles to get Bottle 'O Enchant.
  • Collect nearby XP Orbs by right-click with a Redstone Torch to activate XP Vacuum (9x9x5 Blocks).
  • Repair Damaged Items with Mending Enchantment via right-click on XP Storage.
  • Craft XP Barrie Seeds to grow and harvest peaceful XP



Not all Features are available on Mod Version 0.3.3 for MC 1.17.x

The Storage Obelisk with experience inside.

On hover it will show its fill level:

Xp Storage



Future Plans:

  • Add Xp Fluid since no big fabric mod implement's it at this time as far as i know. Available on 0.3.3+
  • Make the Xp_Storage like a Fluid Tank to allow pipe connections from the bottom Available on 0.3.6+
  • Absorb nearby Experience Orbs when right-click with a Redstone Torch. Available on 0.3.6+
  • Repair any item with mending on it by right-click on XP_Storage Available on 0.3.7+
  • add Advancements. Available on 0.3.8+
  • add Patchouli book for in game instructions. Available on 0.3.9+
  • add Xp seeds/bushes  for Peaceful Experience farming. Available on 0.3.9+
  • Config File for Modpack creators to enable/disable stuff.
  • Visuals of the Vacuum range (show/Hide).
  • Bring all features to Mc 1.17.x
  • Forge Port.



Q: Can I add XP Obelisk to a modpack?

A: Sure! However i request the modpack be hosted on Curseforge, as other similar sites, such as Technic, do not give proper credit to the creator.