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There is a sequel though: Xenoclus 2



Welcome to Xenoclus!


This mod is all about exploration so I shall not spoil much.


This mod will add in over five unique dimensions (currently there are four)

  •  Four unique dimensions
  • A plethora of new biomes
  • A truck load of structures
  • Many environment improvements to base dimensions
  • Castles with friendly mobs

  • Many unique and interesting mobs
  • One boss fight (more to come)

  • Rare loot
  • New foods
  • New armors
  • A new transportation device
  • Many building blocks

  • With hundreds of new blocks
  • With many unique decorations
  • With many different and alien plants
  • Portals to new lands
  • More interesting structures


How to Get to the Dimensions



First you must obtain an emerald and combine it with an emerald and a ghast tear to get a Shade Emerald. Then you get any mob head and combine it with the shade emerald to get the Umbra Transmitter. Create a portal formation out of bone blocks and then use the Umbra Transmitter on it.


First you must explore the snowy biomes of your world and find a shed. In that shed there will be Golden Thread. Then combine said thread with any enchanted book and a diamond to get The Cryotic Book. Create a portal formation out of Packed Ice and use the book on it.


Create a portal frame out of any vanilla prismarine, craft a Strange Pyramid out of palm leaves, prismarine, and other materials. Then use the pyramid on the frame.


Create a portal frame out of Abyssal Scaltone Bricks, craft a Trench Artifact out of Abyssal Scaltone, Aquem, and Drenchire. Then use the artifact on the frame.



  • Certain flying mobs will blast off whenever touching the ground (this is an issue with MCreator)
  • Mage and other ranged mobs have incomplete projectiles (this is an issue with MCreator)
  • The Abyss can be laggy and look weird when loading in (this is due to the method I used to make the Abyss' biomes actually differ, I may release a version without that though, although it won't look as pretty)
  • The Abyss can rarely crash the game (refer to the above)
  • A certain attack performed by the Creepalisk will sometimes float there not colliding or doing anything (this is an issue with Minecraft)
  • Some structures destroy terrain (this will be fixed in the Protordial Arts Update)
  • The droid creation kit has the ability to crash the game. (FIXED)

Flood O' Content Update

Flood O' Content Update has just released!


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This mod was made with MCreator.

Almost Everything - Me

Secret, Snowmobile model, and Cryofuge Sword, Chain Chakram model - TheDuckeyMomo (doesn't have a CurseForge Account)

Lycan and Fenrir models/textures - Bronze

All music - Junk Jack (its a game)


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