Xenoclus 2

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This is a mod all about  exploration. There are many exciting mobs, blocks, items, and features to experience.

There is one dimension, Fuls, a mysterious floating tundra.

This is my second mod.


  • Many new blocks to use
  • Two dimensions each with 5 biomes and one with 2 cave biomes
  • Many new and unique mobs to interact with
  • Interesting magical staffs
  • Two new tool sets and ores
  • Many food types
  • Many new plants
  • Many new structures
  • Several new dungeons
  • A new boss fight
  • Some new vanilla dimension content



Fuls is the first dimension in the mod, it offers an experience entirely unique to itself. This dimension slides in well and refuses to stray too far from normal vanilla mc. It's fit with loads of exploration and rewards that bolster the frigid journey one must take to master its difficulty.

In order to reach Fuls, you'll need to use ancient dust on a blue ice portal frame. In order to obtain ancient dust, you'll need to get some mysterious teeth from structures within icy biomes.




Desicast is the second dimension in the mod, it takes place within a giant dying tree. It offers a ton of locations to explore ranging from biomes to randomly generated dungeons, and its got its own cast of rewards and monsters to impede your journey.

In order to reach Desicast, you'll need to use the Dimensional Carver on a Spruce Wood portal frame. In order to obtain the dimensional carver, you'll need to kill the boss of Fuls and obtain Duskire.



Questions and Answers:

  • Q: Will this mod be on (insert new version)?
  • A: Yes, unless I announce otherwise.
  • Q: Will this mod be back-ported?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Can I use your mod resources?
  • A: I'd prefer not, but if you end up doing so anyways then at the very least give credit where it's due.
  • Q: Can I put this mod on (insert website here)?
  • A: No, currently the MCreator and Forge downloads are the only official ones. Any others are unofficial and may contain viruses.
  • Q: Can I put this mod into my modpack?
  • A: Yes, just give credit.
  • Q: Can I make videos using this mod?
  • A: Yes, just give credit, and leave a link to the Forge or MCreator site in the description.
  • Q: Will Xenoclus 1 dimensions return?
  • A: No, but aspects and concepts from them will and have returned. There are also paintings of each of the dimensions from Xenoclus 1.
  • Q: Will you make this mod compatible with (insert other mod)?
  • A: Maybe, I haven't quite figured out compatibility yet.




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