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Filename Xaeros_Minimap_20.14.0_Forge_1.15.2.jar
Uploaded by xaero96
Uploaded Jun 17, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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MD5 28598f35e144c56fc2170b3d33071026
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+ Added an actual persistent setting for rendering all waypoints sets at once. The old key binding now toggles the setting.
* Fixed map writer working faster than intended potentially negatively affecting game performance.
* The waypoints sorting option is now server-specific and persistent (kept on restart).
* Changed the "Toggle Minimap" key binding to be disabled by default. The H key was often pressed accidentally causing a lot of confusion.
* World/Server dropdown menu now sorts server addresses using their displayed variant (with IP censorship applied), not the actual address, to avoid giving any extra hints.
* Reordered some settings and made the order more consistent between the minimap mod and Better PVP.