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Filename Xaeros_Minimap_1.19.0_Forge_1.14.4.jar
Uploaded by xaero96
Uploaded Nov 27, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4
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MD5 4aa395c3f1c690815d291009fe2e9a69
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


+ Added a new option to the per-world config to prevent any type of waypoint teleportation, for those who don't want to have the option to ever teleport. A lot of you seem to have trouble fighting the temptation and have requested this feature. The new option can be found in the Waypoints Menu (press U) -> Options screen. Once you turn teleportation off and exit the Options menu, the button for the option will be disabled and you can only reenable teleportation through the config file (saved in the XaeroWaypoints directory), which requires a game restart to take effect.
+ Added a tooltip explaining the multiworld detection option.
* Newly created waypoints will now go to the top of the waypoints list instead of the bottom, as it seems to make more sense.
* Fixed some compatibility issues with Mac causing incorrect cursor coordinates to be used.