Wynncraft Inventory Management

2,110 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 15, 2018 Game Version: 1.11.2

Wynncraft Inventory Management mod

Wynncraft Inventory Management (WIM) is an unofficial mod which provides many useful features!

*It only work on Forge mc-1.11.2 version!

*It is design for Wynncraft Server! However, item background color still working on other server :)



  • Item background color render
  • Slot lock
  • Item Dictionary (Include equipment, potion and powder!)
  • Item details
  • Powerful Filter and Sorter
  • Item stats analysis (include id percentage, powder special level, reroll price, skill point sum and average percentage!)
  • Query potential items
  • Daily Reward counter
  • Identification sort
  • Client side item cache
  • Favorites
  • Item changes recorder
  • Currency display
  • Configurable Settings
  • and more! 



See "Images"



How to install it? 

  1. Make sure you have forge mc 1.11.2
  2. Put the mod jar file into your mods folder
  3. Enjoy!


Get it started!

  1. Use [K] for open item dictionary, [L] for lock slot and [Left-Ctrl] for analysis item stats! (They could be changed in game control settings)
  2. Press [K] when cursor hover on a item for query the item by its name
  3. Use right click in Filter can select single tick box (available in Category and Tier)
  4. By left click a tick box in Sorter for add a option to sort queue, and right click a tick box for remove it from queue. 
  5. "Changes" only available when you success update item database from API (by click [Update] button in the Settings)
  6. You can change slot background color in settings! (e.g. change mythic item color to red)
  7. You need to go to Mod Options/Select WIM mod/click config for open settings page
  8. By cross the tickbox before identification in item detail page, you can ignore this identification when calculating average percentage. 
  9. Some function store data on client, thus change client may loss it (e.g. locked slots and daily reward counter)
  10. Because all of item data come from wynn public API, therefore some of item stats may incorrect due to API issues. 
  11. Stats percentage is calculated by max panel value, not the actually roll point. 
  12. Make sure you have installed wynn resource pack :)
  13. Get more information by see the description of Images. 


Analyze Mode

Analyze Mode is very useful for see the stats of items. For active it, you have to hold L-Ctrl key while hover your cursor on an item. The key can be changed in the Settings-Control-WIM, or you can just enable "Always Analyze" in the mod settings. 


For Identified Equipment:

Analyze Mode will show the max value and a percentage next to each identification on the item. The percentage is calculated by the panel value of the identification. If the value of the identification is maximum value or minimum value, it will be bold. Furthermore, if the item is unable to identify (e.g. dungeon items) or the identification value will not change (e.g. 1 or -1), the percentage will always be 100%, and a strikethrough will cross the percentage. It means the identification will not calculated in the average item percentage, which display next to the item name. You can disable some certain identifications when calculate the overall percentage of a item by yourself, just go to the item detail page of a item, and click the tick box next to the identifications which you want to disable. If the "Sort Identifies" function is enabled in settings, WIM will also sort the identifications with a better order for you. 

The color of percentages: 

70%-100%     Green (Good)

30%-70%       Yellow (Standard)

15%-30%       Red (Bad)

0%-15%         Dark Red (Very Bad)


The reroll price of the item will displayed next to rarity of the item. You can change the unit in the settings. 


If the item have powder special ability, the tier of ability will display next to the name of ability. 

Tier 1/5         Tier 4 Powder + Tier 4 Powder

Tier 2/5         Tier 4 Powder + Tier 5 Powder

Tier 3/5         Tier 5 Powder + Tier 5 Powder OR Tier 4 Powder + Tier 6 Powder

Tier 4/5         Tier 5 Powder + Tier 6 Powder

Tier 5/5         Tier 6 Powder + Tier 6 Powder


* You can click item dictionary key [K] while hover cursor on a item for show its detail as well


For unidentified item: 

The possible items will be shown, with its identification price and its level. 

* You can click item dictionary key [K] while hover cursor on a unidentified item for show the items within the range as well. 


For store stuff

The transfer price will be displayed under the item price (Emerald to EB/LE)

 Daily Reward Timer

The daily reward timer will record when did you open the daily reward chest, and save it in local for calculate remaining cooldown. It means, if you have used another client or computer for open daily reward, the time record will not update, and you will see timer shows "--:--:--". In addition, you cannot open the daily reward chest if your character is lower than lv5, thus timer will goes error as well in the situation. 


Compatibility & Bugs

WIM is compatible with wynn expansion. However, I recommend use slot lock instead of use item lock since it will cause WIM unable to read locked item stats for one second (the problem of "LOCKED" text). 


Update Database

If you see too many (OUTDATE) in your analyze mode, you probably should update the item data. Go to mod settings GUI by ESC/Mod Options/Select WIM/click configs, and click [Update] button to connect to wynn public API and request update. The public API may provide inaccurate data or even did not update-to-date, and it is nothing I can do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Once you have updated at least one item, the changes and new items will shown in the [Changes] page in the item dictionary for you to check. 


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