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Wynd's Bizarre Mod

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Project is no longer under development due to time constraints, builds of it will be left up for posterity.




This project aims to add as many Stands as possible and balance them in a PvP focused experience.

Currently the mod only has 5 Stands which are fully developed, a defined way of obtaining them in survival

and some config options for both singleplayer and server use.


Project Links


Official Website : HERE

Discord Server : HERE


How to Install


1. Download and Install the required Forge version: Here

(latest stable 1.14.4 version should be more than enough)

2. Download the mod

3. Go to your ".minecraft" folder

4. Put the downloaded .jar in "mods" folder (if you don't have a "mods" folder , make one)

5. Start your Minecraft and choose at "Profils" Forge then click on Play