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Kingdom Keys 2

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Kingdom Keys 2 is a completely rewritten version of Kingdom Keys for 1.15+.

This mod adds many things from the Kingdom Hearts games.


Currently we are supporting 1.20.1+ as keeping many versions supported at the same time is a huge workload increase for us. Apologies for any issues you may be facing on a previous version but I hope you can consider updating if possible.


As of v2.1.0.1 Just Enough Items (JEI) support has been added, make sure to use JEI v9.7. We highly recommend you use JEI as it will provide guidance on using the mod in game.



  • A leveling system to get stronger, giving you some boosts like more HP, Strength, Magic, Defense, Abilities and Shotlocks.
  • A Synthesis System to get Keychains or consumables.
  • A Command Menu system at the bottom right.
  • Menu to equip weapons, items, abilities, create parties and check your status.
  • Magics with their level ups and even Grand Magics!
  • Drive Forms with growth abilities and dual wield with working offhand attack!
  • Shotlock attacks that use the focus bar.
  • Various abilities from the three categories.
  • Reaction commands for Auto forms abilities and Grand Magics.
  • Over 15 new enemies being Heartless and Nobodies
  • A new dimension Station of Awakening where you can choose your path and initial boost.
  • Plenty of config options to allow the best possible customization.
  • Vastly configurable through datapacks, weapon stats, drive forms data, magics data...


  • Over 120 Keyblades alongside their keychains from KH 1, KH 2, KH BBS, KH Re:Coded, KH 358/2 Days, KH DDD, KH Chi and KH 3.
  • Over 250 Organization XIII Weapons.
  • 13 music discs from various tracks.
  • Lots of synthesis materials and ores.
  • Synthesis Bag to hold your Synthesis Items and prevent them from filling your inventory.
  • Organization XIII system by wearing their robes.
  • Lots of Armors from Keyblade Wielders, foretellers and dark members.
  • Consumable items to use with the command menu.
  • Accessories to further boost your stats.


  • Bug Blox from KH Re:Coded, some of them with unique features once powered with redstone.
  • Magical Chest which is able to be locked with a keyblade.
  • A pedestal to show your keyblades.



Get the resource pack for the HD textures here.



Talk to us on our discord server


Special thanks to:

  • Abelatox, the other developer of Kingdom Keys, for lots of help with the development of the mod (Lots of code saving a ton of time so I don't have to do it), ideas and motivation to get the update out :) and the spanish translations and for the HD resource pack.
  • Wynd, a new addition to our development team who is the creator of the heartless.
  • stel312 and Pokemew12 for tons of 3D models.
  • Damien Beacume and DerShendi for Jiminy's Journal guide using Patchouli.
  • Hartsa for the HD resource pack.
  • EnderFurry for some better textures.
  • Remorse Code for pledging $20 on Patreon <3.
  • Collecter for pledging $1 on Patreon <3.
  • Sr.Gato for pledging $1 on Patreon <3.
  • Fuhreous for pledging $2 on Patreon <3.
  • Kingdom Crafter for making the KH3 Minecraft edition mod pack, making the banner for the mod and coming up with a bunch of the synthesis recipes.
  • xlash for some of the synthesis recipes.
  • Xephiro for the Foreteller armour textures, helping with some development and developing his own addon for KK as well as running the Project Keyblade server.
  • Electric-Star for plenty of amazing ideas.
  • leafreynolds for code contributions
  • cheriecheese for a new Moogle model and Marluxia model
  • KHWaterBlock and Ventusjs for their wonderful builds of the KH worlds
  • The Minecraft Forge team for Minecraft Forge.
  • Square Enix and Disney for Kingdom Hearts and all it's designs.
  • Everyone who's given me ideas.
  • Everyone who's downloaded and played this mod.



Here are 2 videos by Xephiro that should help with understanding how the mod works (I really should've added these to this page ages ago) 

Here's another video that's great for getting started by Asakedia

Here's a very outdated video by me, a new one may come someday.