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Filename worldedit-forge-mc1.16.3-7.2.0-dist.jar
Uploaded by wizjany_
Uploaded Nov 2, 2020
Game Version 1.16.4   +2
Size 4.10 MB
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MD5 a1d82788d3df93a91122f70b5cb3f6a2
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Want a summary of the important stuff? Check out this blog post (with videos!).


Changes in 7.2.0
- Greatly improve WorldEdit performance on servers with many plugins (See more:
- Improve general WorldEdit performance
- Added a fine-grained fast mode system with //perf to allow individually enabling or disabling update types
- Added a stack tool that stacks the clicked block until it hits an obstacle (
- Added 3D biomes support
- Added netherite pickaxe support to superpickaxe
- Added warped_fungus, crimson_fungus, and chorus_plant tree types
- Added a `-s` stack mode to the //snow command to add snow layers
- Added a snow brush with stack mode support
- Improve expression handling
- Enable //watchdog by default
- Improve archive file handling
- Optimize polygon regions
- Improved performance of the deform brush
- Update to a newer Rhino release for craftscripts
- Added support for 1.16.1, 1.16.2, 1.16.3, and 1.16.4
- Added support for regenerating biomes with //regen
- Added support for full offsets to //stack and //move
- Added -c mode to //deform, and fixed -o mode
- Added a Biome brush
- Added an #air mask, that matches all types of air blocks
- Added a #surface mask, that matches any blocks that are next to air
- Added the ability to stack by block units using -r with //stack
- Added an image heightmap brush
- Added the ability to copy block positions on click to //size
- Added -w flag to butcher for water mobs
- Added relative offset support to offset parsing (^x,y,z)
- Improved ES6 support for craftscripts
- Improved //watchdog to also tick get* calls to fix issues with slow chunk loads
- Improved error messages for invalid schematics
- Improved the way translations are bundled and loaded
- Fixed an issue with edges of polygonal regions
- Fixed multiple of the same flag being applied to commands not providing a friendly error
- Fixed potential issues with direction name parsing in commands
- Fixed numerous issues with using commands via the console
- Fixed a bug where languages using non-latin fonts would look odd
- Remove the "please report this" message in legacy schematic loading
- Fixed some potential errors with Paper command handling and protocol hacks
- Fixed //size having inconsistent colors
- Fixed default namespace blocks being suggested and cluttering suggestion list
- Fixed issue where command blocks wouldn't work with sessions
- Fixed beds and banners in legacy schematics
- Fixed an issue with random pattern suggestions
- Fixed biome math on Forge and Fabric
- Fixed vertical flip for stairs
- Fixed region volume not displaying correctly for very large regions
- Fixed wandering traders not being counted as NPCs in /butcher
- Fixed /delchunks in the nether and end on Spigot
- Fixed commands disappearing on a /reload on Fabric
- Partial hacky support for WorldEdit commands to be used in functions on Fabric
- Fixed ascend and descend with entry deny regions
- Fixed some broken localisation strings
- Fixed the snapshot feature on 1.16
- Fixed many error messages not being localisable
- Fixed tool left click action firing on right click on Fabric
- Added a message when using an outdated version of Minecraft
- Fixed a few localisation messages and added validation to prevent further issues
- Allowed attempted loading of schematics with missing version information
- Fixed issues where Fabric versions of WorldEdit could double-click tools in some cases
- Fixed some Sponge schematics not loading due to overly-strict format requirements
- Fixed wands not binding to players if they joined before having permissions to use them
- Fixed edits still occurring even if some masks failed to parse
- Added a tracing mode to EditSessions to help debug API issues where blocks aren't changed
- Fixed issues with snapshots under symlinks on Windows
- Made the schematics folder get generated on startup
- Made WorldEdit print a warning when other plugins include parts of WorldEdit
- Fixed Skull owner tag being incorrect in 1.16+.
- Fixed pastebin services for large files
- Fixed an issue where some messages (such as an out of memory error) would not be displayed when loading schematics
- Deprecate BlockQuirkExtent due to being handled outside of the extent stack now
- Fixed undo/redo not working from console or commandblocks
- Fixed an issue where specific invalid input would cause an error in the block parser
- Fixed entity detection being slightly incorrect around the maximum point of regions on Forge and Fabric
- Fixed loading snapshot files with odd slashes
- Fixed an issue where the output text of //chunk was broken
- Prevent schematics being saved on Bukkit when using an incompatible WorldEdit version
- Fixed variable argument functions in expressions failing, such as min and max
- Fixed an issue where plugins using the deprecated face generation function would fail
- Fixed copy and cut not applying block change limit when creating clipboard
- Fixed uppercase biomes failing in biome commands
- Fixed //snow not perfectly obeying vanilla rules for snow placement
- Require permissions for selection (or navigation) when using //wand (or //wand -n).


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