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Filename worldedit-forge-mc1.15.2-7.1.0.jar
Uploaded by me4502
Uploaded Feb 1, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 4.10 MB
Downloads 724,622
MD5 ef32ddbd352aa31fa967ff8cf3d6462c
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions



Changes since 7.1.0

  • Improve the expression parser by compiling expressions for performance
    Made ItemMaterial accessible via the API
    Added CommandSender adapters to the BukkitAdapter class
    Added legacy data values to the info tool, and expressions
    Improve messages when running the wrong WorldEdit version for the MC version
    Fixed an issue where other plugins could send bad data to clients using the WorldEdit API
    Significant memory optimisations. Many operations will now require less RAM.
    Added WorldEdit-CLI, a tool to run headless WorldEdit from the commandline (see
    Allowed most WorldEdit commands to be run from the console
    Added //world, to override the world in which WorldEdit is operating (useful for console)
    Added support for WorldEdit in CommandBlocks (on Spigot/Paper). Double slash commands require using /worldedit:/set due to a Minecraft bug.
    Fixed the inbuilt pastebin service
    Added 1.15 support
    Re-add the /tool command, and deprecate old top-level tool commands
    Add /brush none as a shortcut to unbind the brush
    Add //watchdog, to make WorldEdit keep the server running during edits.
    Remove FabricAPI requirement of WorldEdit-Fabric
    Fixed //stack with diagonals
    Rewrite the expression parser with ANTLR for a grammar and easier changes in the future
    Fixed pumpkin patches having decaying leaves
    Fixed /lrbuild not obeying history
    Added -n flag to //paste to select without pasting
    Fixed flipping of chests and stairs
    Improve performance of some API methods on Bukkit by bypassing the Bukkit API
    Fixed legacy import of some blocks Mojang renamed
    Added convex polyhedron support to //line
    Fixed /worldedit: commands on Bukkit
    Added support for translations
    Fixed //regen on 1.14+
    Add a experimental new snapshot API / handling, more consistent for various file types. Test it out by switching on `snapshots.experimental`/`snapshots-experimental` in your config file. This will become the default in WE 8.
    Fixed setting navwand and selwand to none via command not persisting


For more information about what's new in WorldEdit 7.1, see here!