World Wide Content Pack - Trains in motion Addon


Hi and Welcome to WWCP



What is WWCP?

World Wide Content Pack (WWCP) is a content pack for the upcoming Trains in Motion mod, a rewrite of Traincraft. WWCP adds rolling stock from all around the globe, presented in a unique design conjured up by our team of artists.

What is TiM?

For more info on TiM what it is or what its gone be we redirect you to here. This is a link to a page from the Traincraft website explaining what TiM is and how it is going to work. 


What does WWCP Add in exactly?

Below is a list of rolling stock WWCP adds to TiM.

-F140 MS2 Traxx Bombardier


-Eurofima coach

-TEU 20ft container carrier

Can we contribute?

Of course, everyone can contribute if they want, Just hop onto our discord and see where you can help

Bugs may also be reported on that discord server.



You will need TiM in order to run this addon. For that go to and either compile the latest version there or download an older .jar file here. 


Both WWCP and TiM are still in early alpha stages thus a lot of bugs are expected. Most bugs are expected to be coming from TiM. For that, you best go to this Traincraft Discord and report the bugs there. This helps to get the bugs resolved as quickly as possible.


This mod will for now only add in rolling stock that can move around a small bit and be seated in however it is still not possible to actually making train consists with it. This first release is merely a teaser of what WWCP will strive to add in and to still the hunger of the community.


This mod is Creative only for the moment.

We also advise you to not use this mod in worlds with a lot of builds without backing up as it still has some bugs which sometimes renders the world corrupted



WWCP often partners up with Trams in Motion. This too is a content pack for TiM mainly focused on adding in trams. 


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