Trams in Motion

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Trams in Motion (shortened as TramsIM) is a content pack to an upcoming mod called Trains in Motion, the successor to Traincraft. TramsIM features various trams from around the world made by our team.


Note: the current release may be incompatible with the current TiM release, a patch/update is coming Q2 2022.

The 2020-07-31 experimental release of TiM is confirmed to be compatible, download here.




-Konstal 105Na

-Tatra T3

-Konstal 105Na/Ml

-Konstal 105Na#135R


-Duewag PT8

-Russia One

-Tatra K2


     -Gray shelter

     -Red shelter


Can I contribute?

Sure! Just join our Discord server and see how can you help! If you spot any bugs or want to give feedback, you can do it there as well!


Where to find us

Discord server:






You will need TiM in order to run this addon. For that go to and download the mod.

Note: TramsIM will NOT work with the older version of TiM.


Both TramsIM and TiM are still in early alpha stages and lots of bugs are expected. If you find any major bugs, you can join either our or the Traincraft Discord server and report the bugs there. This will help us get bugs resolved as soon as possible.


For now this mod is Creative-only. We advise using it on new, flat maps, or if you want to use it on older map, make sure to backup it first!



TramsIM often partners with World Wide Content Pack (WWCP). This is also a content pack for TiM which focuses on adding trains and rollingstock.


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