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Game Version 1.7.10  
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-Added 3D Fast applicant's staff;
- Each ability has its own recovery time;
-When you are active on one of the effects: anti-treatment, poison, desiccation, acid poisoning, demon blood, etc. - the texture of health will change its color;
-Changed "Heroic Leap";
"Invisibility" now works fine;
-The priest's ability to "Go to the Shadow" has been changed;
"The Grip of Death" is done, now it will not teleport to different death knights of people on the server;
-Now classes with pets can not kill other players' pets;
-Made animated ability recovery;
-Now, during the "Ice Block" and "Kidnapping Life", you are mute;
-Now, "Drain Life" restores you health when hit on the target (1/5 of the damage), earlier just restored health;
-Now when striking without a weapon in "Invisibility", invisibility dissipates;
-Added new items: Ambrosia is small (gives 10 experience points), Large (gives 30 experience), and a level increase scroll (gives 300 experience);
-Added a configuration for kobold ore, fire stone;
-Changed following bosses:
Illidan - increased the time of ignition, the duration of action of dumbness +10 s, now the sphere deals 10 units. damage (ignoring armor) and within a radius of 7 m, damage is now 70 units. damage (previously it was 20-30);
ETS - damage increased to 80 units, now it gives itself speed III (was I) and regeneration V (was II), increased the explosion radius by 1 m;
Fel Reaver - increased damage to 60 units;
And also the damage is increased by:
Anubreka - up to 70 units;
Farlin - up to 80 units;
Meksny - up to 100 units, now on its web the player can jump;
Music Plague - up to 90 units;
Heygan - up to 110 units;
Lotkhib - up to 60 units;
Razviya - up to 100 units;
Gothic - up to 100 units, the number of summoned entities is increased, when Gothic "descended";
-All Riders are health increased to 2500, and damage to 110;
Flap - up to 60 units;
Grobolusa - up to 110 units, as well as with AoE abilities up to 100 units. damage;
Gluta - up to 100 units;
Foigena and Stalagga - up to 90 units;
Taddius - up to 100 units, health increased to 15,000 units;
Sapphiron - up to 150 units, and damage from abilities has also been increased;
Kel'Thuzad - increased damage from abilities;
-Changed the effects texture: Anti-, Antipyruzhok;
-Now "Death Strike" heals you by 1/5 of the damage dealt;
-Now, "Bloodthirst" restores you 1/15 of maximum health.