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Filename wow-1.8.jar
Uploaded by supernickita45
Uploaded Aug 31, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10  
Size 34.99 MB
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MD5 37a93e9188a02fdaadfc3b5a878ea77f
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-Added level system(max 30)
-Added bans on LVL
-Spells now.
-Added 2 new abilities
-Added Talents(15 - improving skills,the 30 - a new spell)
-Added a System of Mounts(with level 10 and need to learn them buy bolasco have
-Have changed some Bosses
-Was cleaned following pet hunter:the wolf and the ocelot
-Now the standard pet - crocolisk
-Pets can no longer be dupaty(if lost in the creative there are special
-Was fixed many spells and changed
-Added a new Dungey - Ship Glazastik,Prison of Stormwind and Naxxramas
-Mew Bosses
-Changed English and Russian localization
-Added new lucky blocks and shards(which drop of Sarvisé)
-Added new 3D models for old weapons
-New Weapons and items
-Added T4
-Changed some weapons
-Added new units
-Removed death knight from all biomes and moved into the jungle.
-Added Bags
-Added hearthstone
-Added new pet for the hunter - spider