World of Boxes

2,125 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Modjam 5 - Submission solo team (DarkCow)



This mod adds a bit of content and custom dimensions themed after boxes. Really simple concept starting with a cardboard box to act as a gateway. That then takes the player to a cardboard themed dimension full of wonders. Everything in the dimension is cardboard related from the dirt to the trees. Even the mobs have joined in with renders matching the fun.


Why the concept?

The entire mod is meant to inspire the use of imagination by building with boxes. It was a mix of last-minute jesting, drawing a random idea out of a hat, and a good joke about boxes. After getting the idea I wanted to show that a box can be more than a box. This started with the idea of the idiot box from sponge bob and quickly spiraled into episodes of Futurama. After that, the jokes got to the point we now have an entire mod about boxes.


Modjam 5?

Modjam is a short competition for mod developers to make a mod in a short window of time. Due to this, the mod is roughly 1/20th near completion. It contains simple content to demo the concept and some interesting renders. Eventually, the mod will expand out to include a wide range of uses. Such as custom villages, buildings, world generation, randomization of environments, and a ton of jokes about boxes. 



Box dimension

The Box - Cross-dimensional portal

Box Trees


Box Leaves

Box Grass

Box Plants

Box Mobs - using render overrides rather than custom mobs



Box armor

Box Weapons

More Box mobs

Tons of jokes and satire

Randomized world gen

Several world types

Limited world size (1km^2 per box)

Different box renders

Inventory versions of boxes

Teleportation of items

Box Machines




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