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World Name Randomizer

Previously a part of Enigmatic Legacy, this mod focuses on one of the most important problems that's been haunting Minecraft all the way through it's modern age... Stockpiling thousands of "New Worlds" in saves when we are too lazy to create something original.

With this thing installed, random world name generates each time you enter world creation GUI, similar to this:


World names are formatted as "World #XXXX-FFXX", where X could be any digit, and F could be any uppercase letter from latin alphabet.

By default, number of the world is also entered into the seed field, to provide you one of the quality worlds right from The Architect's Domain™.


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There is also a config file (worldnamerandomizer-client.toml) located in the config folder, where you can make following adjustments:

  • Define whether or not the mod should do it's job at all;
  • Define whether or not it should enter seed respective to generated name.