Workshops of Doom

254,952 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 30, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

The Illagers have taken over Santa's Workshops and are manufacturing not toys, but DOOM.



They have also started scouring other areas for natural resources.


Workshops of Doom adds these structures:


* Quarry structures generate in plains and deserts.

* Mines structures generate in badlands and mountains.

* Workshop structures generate in icy biomes -- Snowy Tundra, Snowy Mountains, and Ice Spikes.


Be wary that mines and workshops are quite large and may take quite some time to generate when they are encountered. Server ops can pregenerate them by /locate-ing the structure and /tp-ing to the given location.


Size and frequency of all added structures can be configured via the config file at yourMinecraftRootFolder/config/workshopsofdoom-common.toml -- this config file is generated the first time you start up minecraft with this mod installed. Servers may wish to reduce the size of the larger structures to reduce disruptions to the server; players playing in singleplayer or LAN worlds may wish to increase structure sizes to experience maximum doom.



This mod requires the following other mods:


* Looot




Made for MMD's Winterjam 2020 mod jam


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