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Woodwalkers is a mod lore-wise based on the book Woodwalkers, and technically-based on Identity.

Become your favourite mob!

This mod allows you to choose a second shape, you can transform into at any time you want by just pressing a key!

Walk over lava as a strider, discovery the caves as a bat or let your foes base explode as a ghast! Nearly every mob has some nice abilities!

Even your hearts and your size will be changed to the one of the mob and your nametag will stop rendering, so no one could tell which one is the mob and which one is the player! Trick your friends!

Getting Started

Search for your favourite mob in your world/on your server. Once you found it, press the UNLOCK_KEY (by default 'U'), while looking directly at it. While doing, you should notice the message "You feel it tingle" or something. In case you don't see it, reinstall the modpack your check your config. After pressing the key for 100 ticks (5 seconds), you will transform into a mob of the same type. Your Unlock progress is complete! ;D In case you want to change it again, change the config "unlockOverridesCurrentShape" to true, so you'll be able to override it at any time.

You can switch your shape by pressing the TRANSFORM_KEY (by default 'G'). Choose carefully! This choice is forever! Once chosen, you can't change it again! (But still, there's an OP-command and a config-option to reset your second shape after death...)


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Woodwalkers Requires CraftedCore

CraftedCore (CurseForge)

CraftedCore (Modrinth)

German Tutorial


Woodwalkers is licensed under MIT.