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ReMorphed is a morph-like mod based on Identity which aims to bring the well-known kill-to-unlock method to new minecraft versions.

This features a menu (what walkers doesn't), new unlock-mechanics and the possibility of more than two shape!

Kill mobs to transform into them!

This mod allows you to unlock mobs as shapes by killing them.

Getting Started

It's rather easy- just search for a mob in the wilderness and kill it. After killing it, you're able to select it in the Menu (open it by pressing ^). After selecting it, you can transform into it, just like in the Woodwalkers-mod, by pressing G.

Note: The previous unlocking method from Woodwalkers doesn't work with this addon installed! This unlock mechanic works as a replacement.


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ReMorphed Requires CraftedCore & Walkers

CraftedCore (CurseForge) CraftedCore (Modrinth)

Walkers (CurseForge) Walkers (Modrinth)


ReMorphed is licensed under LGPL-3.0 license.