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WITS (What Is This Structure?)

WITS (What Is This Structure?)


WITS is a neat small command mod that can work on both single player worlds and on servers! All this mod does is add a new command called /wits. Run that command and it'll print out the registry names of all structures at the exact spot you are standing at. That's it!


Putting this mod on a server will grant all clients the ability to use this base /wits command. Including vanilla clients!


Operators or Server Owners can add a dimension and coordinate parameter to the /witsop command to get names of structures at any location in any dimension. Non-operators will not be able to use this command with those extra parameters. Thus keeping this mod pretty balanced for players.



NOTE: Not every build you see in mods are a structure and thus, will not be detectable by this command. Example are vanilla's dungeons and desert wells which are features. Thus my command cannot see them. This is a limitation with how the game works as features save zero info about themselves to the chunk unlike structures. There is no way for me to get names of a feature at a specific spot after worldgen is finished. Basically, every structure you see with /locate command is what this mod can detect and nothing more.