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Simple Sponge is a fork of the Sponges from OpenBlocks, with additional contents.

You can use this mod with OpenBlocks together without any conflicts if you wish to have the additional items / blocks from this mod!
This mod currently is available for 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13!


  • Two different Sponge variants - Regular and Magmatic
  • Five different Sponge on a Stick variants - Regular, Magmatic, Compressed Regular, Compressed Magmatic and Energized
  • Regular Sponge breaks after absorbing hot fluids
  • Magmatic and Energized Sponge can absorb hot fluids without breaking itself
  • Configurable radius for all the Sponges (up to 64 blocks)
  • Configurable durability for Sponge on a Stick (Regular and Magmatic variants, up to 2147483647)
  • Configurable energy and per right click energy use for Energized Sponge on a Stick
  • OpenBlocks integration, Sponge and Sponge on a Stick will be disabled. Magmatic Sponge and Compressed Sponge on a Stick will use the Sponge from OpenBlocks if the integration is enabled (enabled by default as to prevent recipe conflicts, can be disabled through config if you wish to use the sponges from this mod, remember to use CraftTweaker to disable / modify the OpenBlocks sponge recipes though)

Mod Showcase

Mod showcase by ALECISGrAY:

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests through the GitHub issue tracker.

Source Code & License

  • This mod is Open-Source.
  • You can find the source code on GitHub.
  • This mod is under the MIT License.

Using this mod in modpacks

You are allowed to use this mod in any modpacks you would like regardless public or private. But please note that if the compiled mod jars are being modified, any bug reports on my GitHub about a modified jar are not accepted since I've signed my jar using my own key and modifying it will void the warranty. Unless you know what you're doing, be careful.

If you have further details would like to ask me in person, feel free to DM me through one of the methods below!

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Support the development

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Special Thanks

  • OpenBlocks team for the original source code
  • ThatGamerBlue for co-op developing the mod with me <3
  • Turkey2349 for solving a few of the modding problems I have got
  • JCOnline_ for making the logo of the mod
  • Minecraft modders from various different Discord channels for helping me develop the mod (Especially for the 1.12 port)


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