Wither Cage Fix


Wither Cage Fix

Minecraft versions environment: server

loader: Fabric available for: Quilt Loader

Requires: Fabric API supports: Mod Menu

license: MIT source on: GitLab issues: GitLab localized: Percentage

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Fixes vanilla bug where withers forget their targets. Can also prevent blue skulls.

Works server-side and in single player.

This mod fixes a bug in vanilla minecraft that causes Wither bosses to forget which mob they were targeting when they unload (due to quitting, going through a portal, etc.).

Additionally, it adds a new gamerule: wither_cage_fix:allowBlueWitherSkulls (default = false). If this is set to false, Withers will never shoot blue skulls (whenever they would have, they'll shoot normal skulls instead).

The bug fix allows for much simpler Wither cages because there's no need to control line-of-sight when entering/leaving the area.

The gamerule is added as an option because blue Wither skulls have basically no purpose other than to make Wither cages more difficult to create.

Why would anyone want a caged Wither?

- They provide a fully-automatable, late-game ([subjectively] balanced) way of breaking blocks.

- The above is a nice alternative to TNT duping for those who don't want to use it (also check out Carpet TIS Addition which includes an optional patch for TNT duping).

- It's cool.


localized: Percentage

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This mod is only for Fabric (works on Quilt, too!) and I won't be porting it to Forge. The license is MIT, however, so anyone else is free to port it.

I'd appreciate links back to this page if you port or otherwise modify this project, but links aren't required.