Dispenser Configurator


Dispenser Configurator

Minecraft versions environment: server

loader: Fabric available for: Quilt Loader

Requires: Fabric API supports: Mod Menu

license: MIT source on: GitLab issues: GitLab localized: Percentage

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Configure the vanilla Dispenser to use (almost) any item. Data driven.

Works server-side and in single player.

Dispensers are configured via a new data type loaded through data packs: "dispenser_configurator".

In a "dispenser_configurator", you can define a list of items and item tags you wish to give functionality in Dispensers.
Minecraft has several ways of handling item usage (5), so a "dispenser_configurator" can also have a "targets" list that defines how it should use its items.

There's a "Default Dispenser Configurators" data pack included that contains several configurators I've tested which I think fit well into vanilla+ minecraft, they're listed here.
You can disable the data pack using the vanilla /datapack disable command.

More information about how to create a "dispenser_configurator" is available on the wiki.
The builtin "Default Dispenser Configurators" data pack also serves as a good example data pack.

Known issues:

- the "ITEM_USE" target doesn't work the way you might expect for every item.


localized: Percentage

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This mod is only for Fabric (works on Quilt, too!) and I won't be porting it to Forge. The license is MIT, however, so anyone else is free to port it.

I'd appreciate links back to this page if you port or otherwise modify this project, but links aren't required.