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IMPORTANT: In the coming days this page will be taken down due to issues I have with CurseForge/Overwolf. The mod will be exclusively available on Modrinth! Sorry for any inconveniences!

WitcheryPatch is a small mod for Minecraft that uses ASM to fix some bugs within Witchery, since Emoniph has vanished.


Bugs fixed by WitcheryPatch

The NEI integration for the Distillery properly shows all recipes, rather than the first matching one. For example, without WitcheryPatch, viewing the recipe for the Demonic Blood would show the recipe that takes a Diamond Vapor, but no the one that takes a Netherrack. (See images.)


If there are other bugs you'd like me to patch, let me know via the comments or the issue tracker (above) and I'll be sure to take a look at it.


Logo notes:

  • Hat from the Witchery logo is in the public domain via ClipArtLord.
  • Binnie Patcher logo used with consent from Chocohead.
  • This mod has nothing to do with bees.


You can support me on Patreon if you'd like.