Drama Generator: Ruby Edition Splash

8,363 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

This mod is a recreation of Mr_Okushama's old DramaSplash mod. It was created because the old version uses Asie's drama generator, which is no longer maintained, and no long has any drama generated. This new version utilizes my Drama Generator: Ruby Edition web application to generate its drama. I have no intention on taking this generator down any time soon, so this mod will work for the foreseeable future.


This mod will get a random dramatic event from my website, http://mc-drama.herokuapp.com, and replace the Minecraft Main Menu splash text with the drama.


Note: The version(s) for Minecraft version 1.8 are also compatible with 1.9. Nothing this mod depends on was changed between these two Minecraft updates.


You can support me on Patreon if you'd like.


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