Wishing for Sunshine

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For the Fabric version, please click here.

The Wishing Well can be crafted simply (or its recipe modified with CraftTweaker or data packs).

When specific items (specified in the configuration) are thrown into it, the weather or the time of day can be modified, and the server will be alerted as to what has happened with a relevant message listing the triggering player & the type of weather/time event that has occurred.

Available for 1.14.4 and 1.12.2, and with full JEI support!

The following effects can be achieved, with the default item specified for them listed:

  • Start rain (Blue Orchid)
  • Start thunderstorm (no default)
  • Stop rain (Sunflower)
  • Set time to morning (Gold Ingot)
  • Set time to midnight (Iron Ingot)
  • Set time to sunset (no default)
  • Set time to midday (no default)

In 1.12.2, items can be specified in the format of "modid:itemname:metadata". Unfortunately items with NBT cannot be specified at this time.

In 1.14.4, items can be specified simply by using the format of "modid:itemname". Again, items with NBT cannot be specified at this time.

To disable a specific effect from being triggerable, simple blank out its configuration.

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